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Keith Gorman
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Fitness Guide for Paddle Boarding

An Introduction to Paddle Fitness by Keith Gorman ( )

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Laird Hamilton

Laird Hamilton

Over time I hope to do a series of articles and workouts that will help everyone from the weekend paddler to the hard core racer to improve the fitness and strength and state of mind by practicing the art of stand up paddle boarding.

Paddle Boarding is a forgotten ancient sport brought back to life by people like Laird Hamilton,Robby Naish and Dave Kalama.

The simple act of paddling on a board with a paddle in your hand will give you one of the best cardiovascular and core workouts that you will ever experience in your life.

It will change the way you workout for ever ,no more running in a gym like a Hamster on a treadmill, just you out in the fresh air maybe with some friends having fun while getting in the best shape of your life.

Over the course of the coming articles I will  share  some of my training programs and paddle techniques to help you become a better and fitter paddle boarder.

So with all our new found enthusiasm for our new sport its probably time to hit the water and always remember its not practice that makes perfect, its only perfect practice that makes perfect.

Well not to take things too serious and just get out there on the water have some fun while getting fitter and healthier.

Here is a very cool SUP training video.


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